Gold Card

Nayawin RaR Lodge 296



Gold Card registration will only be accepted until December 29, 2023


What is a Gold Card?

It is a one-time, all-inclusive registration and dues package. The package includes your 2024 membership renewal fee (Lodge dues), Lodge Flap, and discounted registration prices for the following standard 2024 Lodge events: Winter Fellowship, Spring Fellowship, Fall Fellowship, and Winter Banquet. 2024 is going to be full of awesome events!

(Price does not include any events not listed below or add-on Lodge events. Also, for Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates, there will be an additional fee for the event.)


To attend any Lodge events, you must have a current membership in the OA.

Please consider purchasing a Gold Card. The Gold Card does NOT cover the cost of the E-8 Conclave. (Conclave is a section event, not a Lodge event.)

Purchasing a Gold Card saves you the time of paying for each event individually (However, you MUST still REGISTER TIMELY for each event that you will be attending. This is for an accurate count for food and other materials.  

Contact the Council Office or online through the Tentaroo system. The Gold Card saves money too!


Why should I pay right now?

If you total up all the events covered, you are getting a discount for paying in advance, and you avoid costly late fees (unless you forget to register for events).


When you total all events, annual dues and the price of a flap the total comes to $130:

  • Annual Dues: $20.00
  • Winter Fellowship: $30.00
  • Spring Fellowship: $30.00
  • Fall Fellowship: $30.00
  • Lodge Banquet: $15 (separate event from Fellowship)
  • Gold Bordered Lodge Flap: $5.00


The cost of the Gold Card is just $115, a $15.00 discount!


The fee covers the individual’s fees for all four standard 2024 Lodge Events (although TIMELY registrations for the events are still required). It covers the 2024 dues, and an annual gold bordered Nayawin RaR Lodge Flap.


Gold Card Registrations will only be accepted until December 29, 2023. There are No Exceptions. Gold bordered lodge flaps will be distributed at the 2024 Winter Fellowship.


Please register by going to the council website OR by calling the Scout Office at (919) 734-1714 and speak to Amanda.