OA LLD & Polestar Training

Nayawin RaR Lodge 296

2024 LLD & Polestar Training


Event Description

LLD (Lodge Leadership Development) and Polestar Training will be held Saturday (2/10) and Sunday (2/11). LLD training is fundamental to the success of any Lodge. It provides several training modules to help all OA members become better leaders in their Lodge and their Units. Topics include: Goal Setting, Communication, Leading vs. Serving, Budgeting, Unit Elections, and more.

Polestar Induction Leadership Training should be experienced by all youth and adults who lead the essential activities of the OA Lodge - as well as any members who wish to learn more about how (and why) the OA functions. The intended audience includes lodge and chapter advisers, lodge and chapter officers, and other key youth and adult.

This training is open to all members of Nayawin Rar Lodge. If you are considering running for office or serving on a committee, you are encouraged to attend.


Registration Fees
- Cost is $25 to cover meals and materials. - Register online at www.tuscarorabsa.org. Look for the OA LLD Training link.
- You can arrive Friday (2/9) evening if you like and camp, or, arrive Saturday morning.
- Classes begin at 8:00am on Saturday. Classes start again at 8:00am Sunday morning and end at approx 10:00am.
- Plan on camping. Bring your own tent and gear.
- Registration ends on Wednesday January 31, 2024


**2024 Lodge dues of $20 must be paid to attend. They may be paid prior to, or along with your registration for the event.
- All adults must be current with their YPT**.
This event is NOT included in Gold Card Memberships

When & Where

Nayawin RaR 296 2024 LLD Training Camp Tuscarora Starts: Saturday 2/10/24 8:00 AM ET Sunday classes begin at 8:00am. Event ends approx. 10:00 AM ET


More Information
- A Lodge LEC will follow the close of training activities Sunday
- A BSA MEDICAL FORM parts A, B1, and B2 will be collected at registration

Henry Grimmick - Lodge Chief: henry@grimmick.com
Kevin Myers – Lodge Adviser: ckm.es64@gmail.com