Torhunta Fall Camporee

Torhunta Fall Camporee

The fee will be $10 per youth or adult attending, registration deadline will be October 21st. All items will be unloaded in camping areas and vehicles returned to marked parking for the weekend (You may keep one vehicle in campsite). All cooking will be over open fires (wood or charcoal). Come prepared


 Welcome to the 2022 Torhunta District Fall Camporee. Troop 258 is excited for a fun-filled fall weather weekend of camping, competitions, and fellowship. James Odom along with Troop 258 Leaders will be serving as your Camporee Chiefs.



We are very fortunate to have Odom Farming allow us the use of this beautiful land. There will be plenty of acreage for events and camping, please take time to enjoy your surroundings. The camporee program will take place in the fields and in your unit campsites. Fresh water will be available, please bring equipment for retrieving water and transporting to your campsite.

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