Camp Policies

The Tuscarora Council, Boy Scouts of America is committed to offering a premier character development program for young people, while making safety a number one priority.

Youth Protection guidelines are to be followed in all instances relating to these procedures.

Council Procedures while at Camp for All Activities and Events


  • Any staff/participant leaving camp for any reason, when a parent is not present, must get approval and sign out upon departure. The sign-out log is in the Headquarters building. ANYONE under the age of 18, must have permission by the Camp Director or Adult Staff Member in charge, and Parent. Relating to staff, if they are over the age of 18, he/she may leave when all assigned and additional duties are completed. Times will be allotted for the staff to participate in outside-of-camp activities.  When leaving camp, specific driving and riding rules apply and youth protection (two deep leadership) is enforced.  

Please read the Tuscarora Council Driving and Riding Policy:

Automobile Policy:

  • Staff members of legal driving age are allowed to bring their car to camp. All cars on camp must have current state registration and insurance. Your car is allowed to be parked in the area designated by the Staff Director. Your car is not allowed to be driven into camp further than the parking lot without permission from the Staff Director or Camp Ranger. Youth are NOT allowed to transport any other staff in their car. Youth can only ride in other adult staff vehicle with written parental permission and Staff Director approval. As part of your paperwork, you signed the Tuscarora Council Automobile Policy. 

Leaving Camp While Camp or event is in session

  • Under no circumstance may any staff member or participant leave camp without signing out and getting permission from the Staff Director for that event or Camp, when a parent(s) are not present. Related to staff, there will be an opportunity for staff to leave camp, which those times will be addressed at that Camp or Event Leader’s meeting, held by the Staff Director, and his or her team.

The Following is the camp administration policy 

Camp staff members 18 years of age and older may leave camp provided that:

  • Permission is obtained from the Camp/Event Director prior to departing camp.
  • The staff member signs out and in, using the Camp Sign-In/Sign-Out Log located at the headquarters building, noting correct specific destinations(s), and times out and in.
  • The staff member returns to camp prior to a time prearranged with the Camp/Event Director.
  • The Camp/Event Director reserves the right to restrict or ban staff members from leaving camp during camp sessions if issues occur.

Camp staff members under 18 years of age may leave camp ONLY:

  • With the permission and consent of the Camp/Event Director.
  • When accompanied by the staff member’s parent or legal guardian or others indicated on the early release form 
  • Staff member will be required to sign in and out using the Camp Sign-In/Sign-Out Log located at the headquarters building, noting correct and specific destination, and times out and in.
  • Release of Staff Members who are minors to a parent or legal guardian - If a parent/legal guardian needs to pick up their under 18-year-old staff member during the week at camp, they must complete the early release form, and sign-out using the Sing-In/Sign-Out sheet located at the Camp Office.
  • Release of Staffers who are minors to persons other than the parent or legal guardian - If a person other than the parent or legal guardian arrives to pick-up a camper or staffer, verification of identification of this individual is required. For any minor to leave camp with a person other than a parent or legal guardian, an authorization form must be completed in advance and be on file in the Camp Office. The early release form must be completed by the parent and Event Director. Verification forms will be kept in the Camp Office. Campers or staff members will only be released to persons listed on this form.
  • In addition, one evening off a week is permitted. Time off must be scheduled in advance with the Camp Office. Your Area Director or supervisor must approve your evening off, so we can cover program areas. Staff may not leave the Camp at any time without approval of their Camp Director. All staff are required to sign in and out of Camp at their respective Camp Office when leaving Camp for any reason.
  • Staff under 18 years of age may not leave Camp unless their parental permission slip has been filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian. This form will be kept on file in the Reservation Office. Staff members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by at least two staff members, one of which must be over 21 years of age or older when leaving Campgrounds. Staff under 18 years of age may not be in another Staff member’s personal vehicle at any time. Staff under 18 must be back in Camp by midnight unless signed out by a parent or guardian.

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